Student Ministry is just awesome.

There is really almost nothing better then watching a life develop before your eyes. Students, who begin in awkwardness, end up carrying the maturity and strength of adults. And in ministry I have been able to watch students embrace both their pending responsibility and also a life with Jesus.

One word describes the lives that I have watched, hundreds of them: "Wow".

My experience in youth ministry includes 9 years of full time experience, and a lot of mountains and valleys along the way. I have enjoyed:

  • All night lock-ins
  • Football games and grass stains
  • Pizza over and over
  • Missions trips to other countries
  • Coaching student sports
  • Road trips
  • Drum lessons and aching ears
  • Praying your heart out
  • Bible-in-real-life talks
  • Nerf gun wars
  • Baptisms
  • Deep deep friendships

... and more


I would love to talk with you if you are in student ministry or consider it.

I am available for speaking engagements. I highly recommend the 'Purity and Holiness' retreat that I have been trained to host.

Use the Contact Page to reach me.

-David Berglin