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Posted by DavBAdmin Thursday, July 26, 2012 10:11:00 PM

Coffee stir sticks are easy to find. They surely can't cost much. But I don't believe I have ever had a good experience with a coffee stir stick. The straw kind are so small they barely move the coffee. And they are so flimsy that they have barely the strength to agitate the enormous mound of sugar that I put at the bottom of my cup. I tried using 8 or so sticks at once... Success for stirring, but unbearable guilt for wasting so many. I tried folding one over to get more surface area per straw... burned fingers trying to reach the bottom of the cup. Tried the wooden ones, bigger, stronger... something just doesn't feel right about putting a small plank in my beverage, but at least the performace was world-class. I have resorted to the only viable backup... adding cream and sugar first and relying on the force of the coffee dispenser blast to mix it up. Thinking way back to childhood days at church... I remember drinking sugar water through those miniscule coffee stir stick straws. Yeah, so they're pretty awesome then.

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